Walking is good exercise and helps build and maintain healthy bones and muscles. It also helps with concentration and self esteem.

Walker Sizes

Although most walkers come with good adjustment capability, please speak to us about sizes and suitability of each walker.

Joncare Advice

All walkers in the Joncare range are easy to adjust for correct body alignment and support, and to allow for growth as well as changing needs.

Did you know?

  • Walkers are available with very different levels of support. Make sure you work with your therapist to ensure you have the right type.


Nimbo Walkers

General Information

  • Promotes more upright posture and trunk extension
  • Aluminium frame in bright colour
  • Height adjustable
  • Folds easily for transporting
  • Outdoor wheel option available for larger sizes
  • Accessories available

New adult size available for demonstration


Sizes and Dimensions

Code KA1200N KA2200N KA3200N KA4200N
Height Range (cm) 37-47 48-64 50-77 72-91
Overall Width (cm) 53 56 64 64
Inside Width (cm) 34 34 38 41
Depth at base (cm) 64 74 84 91
Weight (cm) 5 6 6 7
Max. User Weight (kg) 45 45 90 90


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